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Customer Feedback

Happy Beechworth
Many thanks for this report Graham, once again ***** and I really appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail. You've given us both peace of mind, and also plenty to keep us busy as we get to know our new property!

Repaired Wangaratta
Thanks Graham, Owners have agreed to fix ceilings in three rooms and repair leak in the bathroom. Once Pest inspection is complete ***** will be signing the contract. PS. The owners have repaired the gas leak, so thank you for alerting them/us to that.

Grateful Myrtleford
Dear Graham, Many thanks once again for your concise and detailed report. Given the seriousness of the problems highlighted in your report, we shall not be proceeding with the purchase of this property. We shall continue our search for a suitable property in the area and will no doubt be back in touch with you at a later date.